Master violin maker

tononi Master Service

Master violin maker Otto Felix Kruppa is our consultant for the technical side of violin making and a competent partner when repairs are necessary.

If your bow needs rehairing, or if your instrument needs a new bridge, a smoother fingerboard or perhaps a small crack glued – with master craftsman Otto Felix Kruppa, every instrument is in very good hands.

We also repair stringed instruments which were not bought from tononi – competently and at a reasonable cost.



Consulting hours

Thursday from 11.0013.00 and 14.0017.00

Other times by appointment



Otto Felix Kruppa

...was born in Duisburg, Germany. He started making musical instruments at the age of sixteen. After training to be a violin maker, he worked for over ten years in Cologne and Duesseldorf, the last four years as master violin maker.

He has had his own master workshop, the »Violin Making Studio Kruppa« in Duisburg since August 2000.

Otto Felix Kruppa has supported the tononi team in Muenster since 2010.