The tononi team

All-round competence!

A master violin maker, professional musicians, a music dealer and trained instrumental teachers all work together as a great team – the tononi team. Each one has his or her own expertise; all are dedicated to making high quality musical instruments and giving customer-friendly service.

Both tononi owner Yi-Ru Koehler-Chen and Tobias Koehler are trained instrumental teachers and graduate musicians. They have practical experience of working for Schools of Music and understand what is important for stringed instruments in a learning environment. Professional cellist Tobias Koehler personally tests each cello before it leaves the workshop.

Helmut Huehn is not only a trained music dealer but also a passionate violinist and violist. If you are looking for the right instrument, he is able to give you the competent assistance you need. He cares for and maintains the instruments, tests the sound quality, playability and response of the violins and violas in our workshop.

The trained precision mechanic Sebastian Heldt uses his manual skills in our violin workshop. He is also a professional musician and music teacher and can call on many years of experience when advising our customers.

As master violin maker, Otto Felix Kruppa is responsible for the technical side of violin making. His world is the workshop, where he not only prepares the tononi instruments for use and optimizes the sound quality but also offers a repair and restoration service.