Quality »made by tononi«

Our stringed instruments feature a rich sound and high quality at an affordable price.

At tononi, our know-how in the field of violin making is enhanced by a wealth of experience as performing musicians and music teachers.

It must sound good from the very start

It is generally known that children have a very good ear. That is why it is vital that their first instrument sounds good, is easy to play and is technically well-built. Only when these requirements are fulfilled can a young music student develop a good sense of tone and find a lasting pleasure in making music.

Given a selection of different instruments, even small children amaze us again and again by nearly always picking out the one with the best sound.

As music teachers

we know what teachers and students require of their stringed instruments. Knowledge of our customer’s needs and wishes plays an important role at tononi.

As performing musicians

we can competently judge the quality, sound and responsiveness of our instruments. Each instrument is strung, inspected and personally tested for sound in our Muenster workshop.

All tononi instruments

are built to our specifications by our partner workshops. Careful quality management is most important to us. Our master violin maker personally makes regular inspections in the workshops to ensure constant high quality.

We buy not only the instruments themselves but also the complete range of accessories - bows, cases, tailpieces, shoulder rests or cello end pins - directly from the respective manufacturers. In this way, we can ensure first-class tononi quality down to the smallest detail, which would not be possible when buying the usual »set« from one dealer.

In addition, we use only strings and bridges from leading manufacturers for our instruments. That’s what makes the difference.

Of course we could

base our choice of instruments mainly on the cost and offer a simpler range. But this would not satisfy our high standards. Only in a very few cases are these instruments really ready to be played. Most must be adjusted and the accessories improved – all leading to additional costs which soon prove the lower price to be false economy. The instruments are then possibly a little easier to play. However, the overall improvement in sound is small as the basic material is poor.

We have a different approach

We offer you first-class instruments with superb value for money.

As both retailers and distributors, we supply instruments not only to private clients, schools and music schools but also to violin makers and specialist music shops. Throughout Europe and world-wide – quality »made by tononi«.